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Spinach is an annual plant which is thought to have originated in South East Asia – the name is believed to come from the old French espinache, via Arabic from the Persian aspānāk.

Eat spinach steamed, stir-fried or baked or even raw – it’s infinitely adaptable and can add both taste and texture to dishes.

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Raw spinach has bright green glossy leaves with small stems and tastes buttery and peppery at the same time.

It flexes its culinary and health-giving muscles in so many ways – cartoon character Popeye had it spot on when he gulped down tins of this lean, green well-being machine.

For the ultimate weekend brunch make a Florentine dish where spinach is a base for eggs or protein then topped with a sauce, usually Hollandaise – so named because Catherine de’ Medici of France who came from Florence in Italy in the 16th century was said to have eaten spinach at every meal and introduced it to court.

Start your spinach discovery by substituting it in anything that uses lettuce, from sandwiches to salads.
Add a cup of raw spinach to your family’s favourite smoothies or juiced drinks for a vitamin boost.

When cooked, spinach can make a healthy main meal, side dish and even an easy breakfast meal to set you and your family up for the day.

You will be amazed at the number of healthy and tasty ways you can enjoy spinach: Toss into a stir-fry, use as a base for Indian curries, stir into pasta and soups or whizz into dips or sauces.